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Does your company need a uniform? There are many reasons why companies consider to provide their employees with uniforms. For one, uniforms are a visible representation of a company’s image and projection. The interplay of colors and design in a uniform garment sends a general message every firm, office, or store would like to relay to its customers. Here are a few considerations that may be helpful in your decision.

Setting the mood

For some institutions, sending the correct impression to its customers play a major role. Hospitals, clinics, and drugstores usually use white, blue, & green to signal cleanliness as an integral part of health. Dark blue which generally sets a command for respect is a popular color for security companies. Tailored and classic cuts work well for banks, law firms, or insurance companies who would like to project an image of corporate reliability. A relaxed and colorful workwear would suit a day care center, a toy store, or a party planning company.

Whatever type of company you are in, a suitable uniform would definitely relay a correct and lasting impression to your customers.

Identity and service assistance

A uniform could also be a big help in delivering fast and good service. In a store where a customer needs some assistance, his first instinct would be to look for a sales personnel in uniform. Clients of banks are more secure talking to a uniformed staff. A hospitality guest, is likewise, directed quickly to inquire or receive services from anyone who resembles working in a hotel, a resort, or a clubhouse. And in a hospital, anyone wearing white or scrubs could be easily identified as a nurse, or anyone in a lab gown could be identified as a doctor.

Hence, uniforms aid customers in quickly identifying people whom they can approach, rely on, and work with.

Boost employee confidence

Generally, if employees like what they are wearing, they gain confidence in executing their duties and in dealing with customers. People working in a warehouse, for example, must be given relaxed clothes so they can move quickly and aptly when they get stocks from the shelves. Guest relations employees or ushers in a casino or hotel who feel good about themselves would give out confident and vibrant smiles when they assist customers. Sales demos, in an appropriate uniform, would feel excited to explain the benefits of what they are selling.

Employee assistance

Moreover, a uniform also simplifies the everyday decision of an employee as to what to wear for work. This is a practical consideration that we sometimes overlook, but which may spell a big difference to employee efficiency. Getting late for work when employees find a hard time choosing what to wear for the day, or arriving in the office in inappropriate clothes may altogether be avoided through the issuance of uniforms.
Not to be disregarded is the simple fact that employees with uniforms could happily save a part of their salary already since they don’t have to spend too much on workwear anymore.

If you finally decided to implement uniforms in your workplace, or if you want to change the existing uniforms you have right now, let us know…. We would be very excited to develop and execute the details with you, because here in Karissa Apparel…
We make uniforms work for you.